When is the right time for therapy?


Thinking of making changes in your life  ?

One of the first steps is to understand that a lot of our behaviours are learned by observing our parents, carer’s or other authority figures in our childhood.

As we grow up we sometimes replicate the behaviour we have observed, in an automatic way. In therapy, you realise that some of the responses your make to life events are actually destructive and keep you from finding the happiness you seek.

Being ready for therapy means that at some level you are aware of these reactions, but need help to make sense of them, and support to move into a more heather way of being.

Being ready also might mean that you may have to revisit painful memories to make sense of how you behave in the here and the now.
As we move through life you sometimes try to resolve situations as your parents did, sometimes this is helpful, but sometimes this does not fit with the person you are and you become conflicted. Emotions such as sadness, anger, fear or self-doubt may overwhelm and trouble you.
I believe that entering therapy means, that at some level you are looking to change how you react to situations, deciding that the time is right to do something about them, to change and grow.
The time may be right when you ask questions of yourself such as Why does this always happen to me? What is my body telling me? Why do I feel like this? In times like this,  you want to make changes in your life.
It’s a human given to deny or distort negative experiences and the emotions that come with them, however, these experiences and the feelings attached to them tend to come back again and again until they are examined in therapy.
As the philosopher, Aristotle stated “the unexamined life is not worth living” in other words discovering through therapy ,who you are, and what you want can be life changing.

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