What is depression ?

What is depression?

Help for depression in Tameside

Over the years I have had the privilege of  working  with a number of clients who explained to me they felt depressed, the first question I ask them is ‘What does depression mean to you?

By asking this question, I can start the process of understanding from the client’s point of view what’s  causing them pain and emotional suffering, it becomes a starting point for a journey of emotional exploration, which we both walk together.

Clients have sometimes expressed surprise that I start this way, the reason for this is that many people believe that depression is a universal set of symptoms which everyone experiences in the same way.

Fact is that depression can be a catch all phrase for a number of life’s difficulties including (but not exclusively) self-esteem, relationship difficulties, issues at work, bereavement, shame, loss of self-confidence – the list is endless.

There are a number of approaches to working with depression, a large research study carried out by the University of Manchester in 2008 stated that “Person Centred Therapy is not only effective for mild to moderate problems of recent onset, but also for moderate to severe problems of longer duration”.

Can talking to someone help?

Yes, by speaking about life’s difficulties you are no longer repressing thoughts and feelings but are able to explore options or just feel the relief of being heard and validated.

And, you are not doing it alone……

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